Welcome and thank you for attending services. This morning we will open with a prayer.
A prayer of thanks in knowing that we protect each other and those in need, and for the many men and women who fill the  heavens and the earth in order to protect this great nation, the United States of America.
Going To The Chapel
The world news is extremely disturbing. Have you ever in your life seen so much turmoil, chaos, and wide spread calamity at one time. The prophesies of the Bible are coming to pass and not only is the over all picture of the world's condition showing, but the prophesies of the churches is also coming to pass. In the book of Revelation, in the second chapter, John reveals from his vision, the seven candlesticks that he talks about represent the churches and I believe they describe individuals also that we may encounter or that we are. The 1st is the church Ephesus. This church is commended for their patience, hard work, and not condoning evil in their midst...but they have forgotten their first love and who is that, Jesus. If Christ is not in a church or person, then all their work is in vain. Bringing someone out of the depths of their anguish is the first work and the first love is the commandment that we love the Lord our God with our whole heart and that we love one another. If we fail in that.... then our candlestick will be removed unless true repentance comes. I believe this means that we don't do good deeds just to do good deeds and that we don't cast out those that are evil without seeing them with Christ's eyes and understanding. If we do anything without "Charity" it is like"tinkling brass" pretty much worthless. It may heal the person temporaryily .... But Christ's love mends forever
Bless you all in these times of trouble, know he is with you always.
In his eye's we remain children of the Lord and citizens of this great nation . Pastor of CGCOF    
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