Kenneth R. Manley & Lillian Budner-Manley

Over the years our parents have collected many documents that pertain to them. Surprising all of us as to  which one of the Manley's have accomplished more. There have been both good and bad situations in their lives. They both have been married and divorced, Their children are by different people, but they still feel, they are all there's. Some followed their grandfather {Manley} and worked in law enforcement. Now one was in banking and two or three were into high performance racing equipment {Manley's}, and yes one is in insurance and another in Sales. There are four in the security business {AOS}, and two into ranching {CCR}. They do have a set of twins in the USAF and their mom {Lorraine}, lives in North Carolina. But the four oldest girls live either with their mom in California or with their {Grand Pa} in South Carolina.Their are a total of 14 children seven boys and seven girls and between them all, there are {27} grand children. They do miss their daughter {Tanya Renee Tatum-Manley} who passed away in her senior year of high school. Our father is a AA member, a friend of Bill's with {34} years dry. If in the event he missed talking to you about his past and some where he has done you wrong, I'm sure he would ask for your understanding. In his years of singing and acting, they have taken a toll on his health. His wife of 35 years has been through good and bad times and I thank the Lord for giving her to him. But their lives as Chaplains has been a good one. We ask for those who need prayer to think about others before thinking of yourself. Mom retired a few months ago and is going through hip replacements. Then when that is done they will start on both Mom's knees.
Let me refer to a song my father has sang for at least 40 years. {STRANDED IN THE JUNGLE} Well that was how he felt, when he was young. Always wanting to protect his image, Well that was to cover up a medical problem which caused his educational levels to stay at a continuous {D} When the Judge told his attorney Mr DeMayo in Connecticut, {Juvy or Service}, it was time for a change. He took the offer of going into the service. But after leaving the court. The service said they could not take him he was under age. Then this is where the music came in and the rest  is Doo Wop history. Dad has been married {5} times, But with his present wife, dad tried a relationship before it was ok, but they did not have what they have now and he is still a big flirt! As you can see from the photo above, even after {3} strokes and {2} heart attacks dad is still good looking, and as the song goes (and the girls keep on coming}. But the years of being a Military Chaplain {25} retired {030708}.Mom was a Military Chaplains Assistant for {15} years and retired {070208 for USMCA, USMCA has given them the life  they both are enjoying together. We wish all of you, that read their story, as the song goes {The best is yet to come} for you and yours. This is so you will smile and laugh at life and this web site
David Green-Manley
Col Kenneth Robert Manley USMCARt.
Lt. Lillian Budner-Manley USMCARt.
Kenneth Manley & Lillian Budner-Manley
Eisenhower High School Reunion 2007
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