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"Operation RAND"
Operation Re Max is a program to Assist Spouse Career Paths, this is definitely a uniique program to assist spouses of military personnel in developing careers in real estate which was announced today by RE/MAX. If you think about it no matter where you go you can alway get a job with RE/MAX more .....
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First thing first, is there anyone out there being real?. If we bring our troops home with half of our bases closed, where would we put them?. With most of them going to be discharged, where will they work, who will supply your loved ones with an income? Come on get real we fight wars or financial battles to stimulate our economy, keep our fighting men employed etc. I talked with a fellow at Jiffy Lube in Cleveland Ohio, the other day. He told me he would not go to war, but if some one shot at him here, he would pick up a weapon and fight back? Good answer! but your dead! and your to late. Stimulate our economy by USA bonds!
Steven Woods (AP)
Robert a listener in Dallas Texas asked why don't we bring our troops home? Because the majority of the men and women in our armed forces have replied they don't want to return to the USA until the fighting is over. This is what we are trained for and for those sitting home on your seats, remenber you would not have that seat if  we were not over here doing our jobs.

Terrie a listener from Enid Oklahoma USA now in Iraq, she sent an e-mail and asked if we would post her feelings. Our largest fund is known as the Defense Fund. So if your not fighting someone somewhere then we would have to close that fund and that means all of you at home working in the field of defense or smaller companies would be out of business. Where would all of these people be, have you ventured out and looked at the amount of foreclosures, in any given state. Our actual unemployment rate is higher than you are being told.
If you think my fighting is wrong than think again I would rather fight here than in the USA. Get the Movie
Red Dawn.
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Chris a listner in Georgia said, Cadets Welcome Chaplains From USMCA Chaplain Roger Baxter USN Rt. , David James USA Rt, Allen King USAF Rt, Jerry Slater USAF Rt. and Kenneth Manley Sr.  all members and volunteers from Wright Patterson AFB.
The visiting board of directors looking to place a senior
officer at one of  Military Facilities as acting director. Chaplain Manley a former resident of the state found several locations very interesting and the thought of the possibility of returning exciting.
The fact he was some what of a rouge in his younger days, has grown into a man of interest. A former singer
stuntman and now still a chaplain after 24 years.
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The RAND Corporation is conducting research for the Department of Defense to study the occupational choices of military spouses and recommend actions to support military spouses employment. RAND is conducting interviews with military spouses who are female, at least 18 years old, married to an Active Duty Enlisted Service Member, currently residing in the U.S., and currently employed in one of the following career fields; .1. Nursing (e.g. )2. Education (e.g.) 3. Financial/Accounting (e.g.) 4. Information Technology (e.g.) for more info go to www.military.com/milspouses. rand.org/milspousesstudy.php or call 1-888-99USMCA
"Re/Max Corporation "