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Retired Airmen Teach Cadets
Feb 02nd 2008
Iir Force Junior ROTC instructors  must be retired military from any Air Force speciality with at lease 20 years of active duty....more
Military Spouse Employment Study
Feb 05th 2008
Rand Corporation is conducting research for the Department of Defense to study the occupational choices of military spouses. ....more
M61A1 20mm Cannon
The current version of the M61, the M61A1 remains relatively unchanged from past models. Take a look.

Feb 05th 2008
Over 300 of the 388 Individual Mobilization Augmentees (IMAs) for the Air Force Chaplain Service  gathered in Colorado  Springs  recently  for  their  biennial training  conference under the new theme of "One Force, One Mission,  One  Vision."  Held  in  the  Colorado Springs Sheraton the conferees met Monday  through Thursay, February 5-8, to consider a variety of issues related to the vital roles that IMAs play in supporting and enabling the ministries of the Air Force Chaplain Service.

As category B reservists, IMAs are assigned to active duty chapels, and to every echelon of the chaplain  service  up  to  and  including  the  Office of  the Chief  of  the  Chaplain Service.  They normally must  complete 12  days  of "Inactive  Duty  Training" (IDT days) each  year, with  an  additional  two  weeks  of  annual  tur  training  at   their  assigned location, often in the summer.  Their primary role is to stay current with  the  mission  at their assigned location and to be prepared to activate there should active duty chaplains and chaplain assistants be deployed during times of national emergency or crisis.

Because IMAs  are assigned  as  individuals  to chapel settings  they  sometimes  lack  a sense of  belonging  to   a  unit  as  category  A  reservists  do.  According  to  Ch. Lt Col. Donald Smith, of  the  Air  Reserve  Personnel  Center  (ARPC)  in  Denver,  this  biennial conference is thus a real highlight for IMAs, enabling them to network with each other and to feel a part of the IMA mission and team.

This year's conference  boasted  a  stellar  list  of  very  senior  chaplain  service leaders, including the Deputy Chief, Ch. B/Gen Lorraine Potter, the Mobilization  Augmentee (MA) for the Chief of the Chaplain  Service,  Ch. B/Gen  David  Webb, the  AF    Service Senior Enlisted  Manager,   CMSgt  David  Bennett,  and  the  Command  Chaplains  and  Senior Enlisted   Managers  from  Air  Force  Reserve  Command,  the  Air  National  Guard,  Air Combat  Command,  Air Education  and  Training  Command, Air Mobility Command, Air Force Material Command, Air Force Space Command, and the Air  Intelligence  Agency.  The IMAs were  afforded  time  to  meet  with   their  respective  command  chaplains to discuss issues pertinent to their locations of assignment.

With a major focus of the conference being training on current issues facing the Air Force Chaplain Service, this conference featured major blocks of instruction from the Professional Continuing Education Course (PCE) being presented this fiscal year to all AF Wing Chaplain and NCOICs entitled DoingGlobal Ministry.  This material was presented by two chaplains from the AF Chaplain Service Institute, Ch, Lt Col. Richard Oberheide, and Ch. Maj. Scott Henry.  They taught on three major themes, Leadership, Needs Assessment, and Prioritizing of Ministries.

Another highlight of this year's conference was a Luncheon Banquet featuring a keynote address from the most senior Mobilization Augumentee in the Air Force Chaplain Service, Ch. B/.Gen David Webb.  He spoke to the group on the joys of ministry in the Air Force, reflecting on his many experiences over his long and distinguished career.  The banquet also featured the nationally renowned singing of the US Air Force Academy Cadet Chorale.

The conference also included three different training field trip options.  Conferees were afforded the opportunity to tour the Cheyenne Mountain underground command center, the US Air Force Academy, and the headquarters of Focus on the Family, all located in the Colorado Springs area.
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