Debt Arbitration and Negotiation
       Washington District of Columbia January 10th, 2007
Debt Arbitration is an attractive alternative to costly attorneys, court expenses, loss of revenue or bankruptcy.  We show business owners how to raise money they would have lost if it weren't for Arbitration.  We show creditors and debtors how to stay out of bankruptcy and retain their hard earned assets.  In the past large companies and small business owners have used expensive attorneys and accountants to solve their debt problems.  Now there is an alternative!

What is Debt Arbitration and Negotiation?

This is the concept:  Take old bills, disputed invoices, lawsuits, liens, medical bills, utility bills, judgments, etc. and determine the debt load.  You can now make out-of-court settlements with the creditor in a 10 to 15 day period.  A successful Arbitrator will reduce the debt by 40% to 80%.  If the debt negotiator does not make a satisfactory settlement for the debtor, there is no fee!  This is unlike attorneys, who will charge $150 to $300 per hour to work the case.

There are many benefits to both the debtor and the creditor, when this system is employed.

The Debtor

The debtor receives cash flow instantly by reducing payables Will not have to hire an attorney and saves attorney fees Can avoid going to court, which will result in more costs, loss of revenue and time Can avoid embarrassing collection calls Can avoid blemishes on their credit report and maintain a good credit profile Most importantly, the debtor can avoid bankruptcy or the closing of the business

The Creditor

The creditor benefits by getting the costs of their goods or services returned immediately in cash They will not have to show a loss They receive funds from businesses that would close, or individuals that otherwise would be unable to pay Raise instant working capital and improve their balance sheets Preserve customers and retain profits from an otherwise lost client Save the cost of collection, attorney fees, as well as court costs Eliminate the need for investment capital and loans, to keep their business above water There is a lot less grief and hassle
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