The JAG Office of the  United States  Military  Chaplains Association provides legal support to the Secretary of USMCA and  their Chief of Staff, as well as heading up the  Judicial Advocate  Generalization Board  for USMCA.  The board consists of  members  and former members of   USMCA, AACC and MCAOUSA, retired military and civilian attorneys, paralegals,  as well as data processing personnel.    The USMCA has access to legal services worldwide; the top ten legal firms in almost every state.  Military Prepaid Legal will provide legal data processing involving criminal law;claims for and  against  others;  legal  assistance;  and  other  areas  such  as taking over the payments on cars, trucks, boats, planes and real and personal property and environmental and real estate law, general law,civil law, international law, operational law and labor law. Lessons in Divorce  concerning what I should and shouldn't ask.  When and  if  you decide to join USMCA, MCAOUSA or enroll in The Military  Prepaid Legal Program who should you ask for?

MSgt G. Williams USNJAGRt.
Enrollment Officer


Pre Paid Legal Services is a private 501 C3 Corporation that will endeavor to supply you with legal data processing information that you may use as a reference should you feel the need for legal assistance. Our volunteers who research your questions are not attornies and can not provide legal advice.